Walkie-talkie leasing gradually become a new industry
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The current walkie-talkie leasing has become a fashionable business. Some of the wild clubs became the first customers to rent a walkie-talkie, and they rented a walkie-talkie for field survival, or rented a week to go abroad to catch up with the desert. Many travel agencies began to rent a walkie-talkie tour. Walkie-talkie rental business in the wedding activities also cut a striking figure Some wedding companies also expressed a strong interest in renting walkie-talkie. At present, some shopping malls, karaoke, restaurants, Internet cafes and real estate, property companies and regular preparations for temporary large-scale activities of the public relations firm, have signed a long-term leasing contract. A public relations company recently convened 60 customers meeting, the staff unified walkie-talkie alternative mobile phone, call at any time without interference, but also save a lot of calls. Due to the holding of the Spring Games, Beijing University Student Association and the radio rental shop contact, booking six walkie-talkie for the day of the Games. A student organizer said, buy a walkie-talkie to 500 to 3,000 yuan, rent a daily only pay 10 to 50 yuan rent, very cost-effective.
  According to the first person in charge of the leasing business of the walkie-talkie, their previous market survey showed that most people welcomed the rented walkie-talkie, and that there was a wait-and-see attitude on whether or not to use the walkie-talkie , As the public is increasingly aware of this type of communication, I believe that this new business will rapidly expand.
  With the accelerated pace of urban life, the public use of wireless communication increasingly frequent, but the current mobile phone communication signal instability, higher fees and other issues, compared to the civilian radio without network support, 3 km call accessible, easy to operate , Stylish and lightweight, and thus by the pursuit of efficiency of the modern city people of all ages. However, the price of more than 1,000 yuan walkie-talkie restricts people's desire to buy, with the market competition, the capital of the new consumer areas - lower price of radio leasing, it has greater market potential.
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